Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Detox Weekend Begins
12 Sharp Noon Check-in And Orintation
1 to 2 Cleansing And Detox class,
Hands On Use Of Champion Juicer -- Cleansing Juice Fast Begins
2 to 3 Sprouting And Dehydration Class
Soaking Walnuts
3 to 4 Beginner Essential Oil Class
4 to 5 Detoxing Emotions Class
5 to 6 Detox Juice Dinner Continues
7 to 8 Liquid Light And Mhz Food Frequency Class
8 to 9 Hands On Group Preparation
Raw Banana Walnut Muffins And Dehydration
Homework Individaul Detox Emotional Work

7 AM to 8 Pilates Workout And Stretching
8 to 9 Carrot Apple Vegetable Liquid Smoothie
9 to 10 Freto Chip Preperation And Dehyration
10 to 11 Understanding Probiotics Discussion
11 to 12 Improve Your Eyesight Exercises
12 to 11 Raw Food Lunch Class Will Prepare
Tomato Chowder
Carrot Salad
Banana Walnut Muffins
1 to 4 Raw Cooking Class
New Low Glycemic Sweeteners
Superfoods -- Ningxia Berries And Coconut
Great Easy Fast Recipies
Raw Eggs -- Don't Be Chicken
Flax Seed -- Omega 3's
5 to 7 Class Will Prepare Raw Food Dinner
Raw Food Lasagna With Macadamia cheese
Lettuce Salad With Italian Dressing
Warm Apple Cobbler With
Three Minute Raw Ice Cream
7 to 8 Eyesight Improvement Classes
8 to 9 Don't Drink You Milk Class
Homework Personal Practice Detox Emotional Practice

7 to 8 AM Pilates And Stretching For Everybody
8 to 9 Raw Oat Groat Cereal
9 to 11 Essential Oils Therapeutic VS Food, Aromatherapy Grade
Understanding ORAC To Stop Infections
First Aid And The Oils - Lavender Melrose Thieves
How to Improve Concentration - Peppermint and Lemon
How To Avoid The Dr's Office - Cloves Cinnamon
How To Improve Test Scores - Rosemary Lemongrass
Decreasing Stress And Insomnia - Lavender, Valor Vitiver
How To Killing A Cold Within 4 Minutes Theives and RC
Taking Pain Out Of Exercise Deep Relief and Panaway
11 to 12 Class Will Prepare Green Raw Liquid Light Smoothie Lunch
Raw Feto Chips
Raisin Fudge Dessert
1 to 2 Right Brain VS Left Brain Eye Class Sun/Outside Class
2 to 3 Essentail Oils Cont.
3 to 4 Coke, Coffee And Water
4 to 5 Review, Questians And Graduation

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